Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free 411?

FREE 411?

By Michael Bremmer

Most people have the world at their fingertips (i.e., the internet), but refuse to take the ten seconds to type in a company name and city to get a phone number.  411 charges average about $2 per call, plus any fees to connect you.  (Yikes!)  Oh it gets better - if the number is wrong, (which it is about 25% of the time), you still get charged, you have to call again, wait for an operator, and get the "correct" number (second times a charm... or is that the third?).

Solution #1: Use a search engine, like Google,, or Yahoo to get the phone number. Generally it's more accurate and it's free!  Who doesn't love that four letter word!?

Solution #2: Use 1-800-Free-411 or 1-800-GOOG-411 (Google's 411).  Both are voice activated,THEY'RE FREE (that magic word again), and if you're calling from a cell phone, they'll even send a text message with the requested information to your mobile number.

To sum it up, isn't it time you said good bye and good riddance to 411?

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